ESSEC Science & Society  

Companies & communities in changing times

APRIL 4th, 2024  |  CERGY CAMPUS

Research at ESSEC is conducted with the ultimate goal of enriching public debate, reflection, contributing to data-based decision-making. The ESSEC Research Center (CERESSEC) has long been committed to promoting synergies between researchers and society as a whole, and producing and sharing original and sound scientific knowledge. 

The second edition of the annual ESSEC Science & Society conference, organized by the ESSEC Research Center, focused on Companies & communities in changing times. How can we tackle the societal and environmental challenges our world is facing today? 

This conference provides the opportunity for renowned academics, local representatives, senior executives, members of the community, students and alumni to meet and discuss this theme, with invitees presenting their ideas, initiatives and research. 

Science & Société 2024 - Acte de conférence.pdf